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Kelowna Wineries Scoundrel - Crown & Thieves

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Kelowna Wineries Scoundrel - Crown & Thieves is the home to Jason Parkes. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the life he lives as a winemaker, and a rock band frontman that lends to the variety of the Jason Parkes owned experiences. One thing is certain, there is a growing interest among Okanagan visitors and locals to explore all he has created.

View at Crown & Thieves winery

The story is that Jason was a ramblin’ man who, when struggling to make ends meet as a rock musician, stumbled into what was to become his big break with Hainle Vineyards. One evening last summer, I went to see Jason’s band at the Crown and Thieves and he told the audience about how he started as hired labour, cleaning the tanks and moving lots of materials around. His curiosity and this opportunity allowed him to covertly learn to make wine from the scrap and waste grape juices. He recalled practising many batches over and over until he could eventually pass off some of his samples as actual wine made by the winemaker. That was the spark where it all began.

His venture into his own wine label started at The Hatch. A winery that is the “nesting place” of all his new ideas. This location has a rustic, warm, and approachable feeling which has become a hotspot. The Hatch was one of the reasons we started a wine tour business. It has the same ethos as Bare wine tours, that ‘wine tasting shouldn't be stuffy, and formal. There is no wrong or right way to taste wine. It should be a fun, and playful experience that everyone can enjoy.’ When you visit, make sure to ask staff about how the artist Paul Morstad came to put his incredible work on their wine bottle labels.

Mixed public tour at the Hatch

Travelling further into West Kelowna you can visit his Black Swift Vineyards - home to the picturesque nest sculpture, and stunning modern tasting room. Opened in 2021, Crown & Thieves may further encompass the winemaker's body of interests within the European ruin-style winery. This is home to one of top Kelowna Winery restaurants: the rooftop Angel’s Share restaurant headed by Chef James Holmes (of Salt & Brick), typically breaking the rules with all the dishes being served family style to share at each table. In the basement, is a speakeasy (with confessional door) called The Broken Hearts Club - home to cocktails and charcuterie as well as Jason’s Famous band, Proper Man. Wine and music lovers now have a trendy place to gather after their wine tour.

Furthering the theme of variety, Truck 59 Ciders also falls under Parkes’ umbrella. A fun, hip, family-friendly hangout, and neighbour to Crown & Thieves. His latest establishment is The Hatching Post brewery which opened in 2022 and offers unique, delicious brews and BBQ with the usual high quality service and unique JPC experience we have come to expect.

All Jason Parkes locations can be enjoyed on our West Kelowna Wine Tours.

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