$199 (7+ guests) / $229 (4-6 Guests) / N/A (2-3 guests) for a Full Day (6 wineries, est. 8 hr day from Kelowna, Lunch Reservation)

(All pricing excludes 5% GST)

Make your own schedule and enjoy a South Okanagan Wine Tour crafted just for you and your entourage. 

Our South Okanagan Wine Tour covers four distinct areas: Oliver, The Golden Mile, Black Sage Bench, and Osoyoos. These regions account for about 65% of the wine grapes grown in the Okanagan, and there are over 50 wine tasting rooms for you to experience the best of BC wine. Many of the larger Okanagan wineries grapes reside here due to it being 6 degrees warmer than its more northern regions in the valley. It's the only desert in Canada and home to the big red grapes for that reason!

Some of the sensational wineries you may visit on this tour:



We take pride in being the catalyst to an incredibly fun, and memorable experience. Our guides are there to provide exceptional service, information about the local area, and an atmosphere that's personalized for you, and your occasion. If you want to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, we can introduce you to the experts who enjoy telling you about their history, production, and what makes them unique. 

All our tours include:

1) A knowledgable & socially aware local tour guide

2) Pickup and drop-off at your accommodation (additional charges may apply dependent on location)

3) Tasting and venue fees (exceptions may apply)

4) Tastings at 5 wineries

5) Fresh artisan snacks, dark chocolate, and bottled water

6) Premium comfort luxury new vehicles, all climate controlled.

7) Delicious lunch options to suit various budgets (picnic, food truck, winery/restaurant lunch reservation)


Oliver is often referred to the 'wine capital of Canada' with over 3500 acres of wine grapes planted and the perfect moderate climate for most varieties. It was originally a gold mining area, until John Oliver brought water to this desert region in 1918.

The Golden Mile was the first designated sub-appellation in the Okanagan. Located on the western slope south of Oliver it gets the morning sun and is therefore a little cooler than the Black Sage Bench. Varieties such as Chardonnay, Gewurtztraminer, and Merlot thrive here on the gravelly sandy loam soil. 

The Black Sage Bench lies on the eastern slope south of Oliver and gets the hot afternoon sunshine making it ideally suited to growing varieties that like the heat stress and extra light. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah thrive here.

Osoyoos is the hottest region, and lies very close to the US border. Over 1500 acres of vines reside here. Much of the soil has a unique granite bedrock and is suited to big bold red wines.

Making Wine, stirring the lees, barrel, grapes fermenting